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How to play footgolf
July 27th 2017 - Foot golf, a cross between golf and soccer, is a new sport that has opened doors for the golf world. The game gives traditional golfers a new challenge, brings soccer players and golfers together, and allows youth and families to get out to the courses for something other than golf.

Interested in how to play foot golf? Surprisingly, the game is quite simple. To give foot golf a shot in Fargo, you should try the following:

1. Go to El Zagal Public Golf Course, 1400 Elm St N, Fargo ND.

2.  Park your car and get your kicking feet warmed up. It’s always good to have golf shoes or tennis shoes on the course.

3.  Make your way to the pro shop to check-in with our awesome staff. They can answer any questions you may have about the course, foot golf or traditional golf.

4. Gather all the necessary equipment you will need. Such as, a size 5 soccer- which you can get at the pro shop-, a scorecard, and of course a cold water or Gatorade, because staying hydrated is important.

5. Time to play. It is very important to start on the first tee. This allows the pro shop to see who is teeing off and can keep golfers on a schedule so everyone to enjoy the course at the same time. You may not be putting the ball on a tee, but you still place the ball on the tee box. Footgolfers should tee up 2 yards away from traditional golfers on the course.

The differences between footgolfers and traditional golfers isn’t much. The only differences is the ball and equipment used. Footgolfers use their feet and a soccer ball instead of clubs and a golf ball. They both still tee off from the prospective tee boxes, drive in the fairway, and the goal is to get the ball in the hole with the least amount of shots.

Have fun! Having fun is the most important part about going out to play footgolf. We want you to have fun and enjoy testing your skills on the beautiful course. Do not forget to follow all of the course rules while playing at any of the five public golf courses.

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