Fargo Public Golf Course Driving Range: COVID-19 Procedures and Guidelines

The following are a set of guidelines for the Driving Ranges at the Fargo Park District’s Golf Courses. These guidelines have been created with the knowledge and information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health officials. We are continuing to monitor the impact of COVID-19 as it relates to our driving ranges and golf course operations which could lead to altering or ceasing operations at any time.


  1. Stay at home if you are sick.
  2. No cash will be accepted, please bring a debit or credit card.
  3. No rental clubs or DEMO clubs will be available for use on the practice range or golf course.


  1. New range ball dispensers equipped with card payment technology are at Rose Creek, Osgood, and Edgewood. These new dispensers allow customers to purchase range balls at the ball dispenser with a credit or debit card.
  2. You can still purchase range balls in the Pro Shop, the Pro Shop will issue a receipt code that is entered at the ball dispenser. The receipt code is only valid on the day it is issued. No cash will be accepted at the range ball dispenser or in the Pro Shop.
    • Rose Creek and Edgewood: If you currently have tokens from a previous purchase or have remaining punches on a punch card, you need to exchange these tokens in the Pro Shop for a receipt code. A maximum of three tokens are accepted at a time.
    • Osgood: Continues to use the previous range ball dispenser in addition to the new range ball dispenser. If you currently have tokens from a previous purchase or have remaining punches on a punch card, you can use these tokens in the old machine.
  3. Sanitized range baskets are placed at the range ball dispenser. After purchasing range balls, please carry them to an open hitting space. Hitting spaces will be positioned 10 feet apart to maintain social distancing.
  4. Leave your basket at the hitting space after completing your sessions. Staff will collect all baskets and sanitize for the next customers.
  5. Staff are frequently sanitizing range balls, baskets, and the range ball dispenser.
  6. If all hitting spaces are occupied, please be patient and wait for the next available space. Avoid gathering in groups with friends and acquaintances while waiting for spaces to open and leave the premises immediately after completing your range session to avoid mass gatherings.
  7. There will be NO club cleaning stations available.
  8. Customers are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer and disinfectant. A water bottle is also advised to remain hydrated during your golfing experience. No outside alcohol is allowed.
  9. We are making every effort to frequently sanitize and reduce points of contact from arrival to departure. Please practice patience and respect for the golf course, staff, and fellow golfers.
  10. Intentional or deliberate failure to abide by these rules are subject to expulsion from the course without a refund.