8 Tips for Fall Golfing

It’s that time of the year again, where you need to turn the heat on (even just slightly) to get rid of those dewy morning chills as you climb into your car. Of course, the crisp morning air doesn’t hang around all day and by the afternoon you may turn the AC on. Well, this fluctuating weather can definitely influence your golf game, so we put together a list of tips for golfing in the fall.

  1. Be aware of when tee-times open by checking FargoGolf.net for all the updated course hours. We know you might want to get that early morning tee-time, but if the ground is frosty we must respect the orders from our wonderful maintenance crew. Golfing on frosty or frozen ground can damage the course.
  2. Layer up! Bring along an extra set of socks in case the morning dew finds a way to creep into your golf shoes. Also, keep a windbreaker or sweatshirt in your golf bag just in case you need it while playing a round this fall.
  3. When it’s cooler outside, you start to lose feeling. By switching to a softer golf ball during the fall season, you’ll be able to retain some of the feel that you are used to around the greens.
  4. If you’re hitting your club shorter than normal, go up a club size. Colder temperatures don’t allow for the ball to travel as far.
  5. Keep in mind that the course will also firm up due to the weather changing, so you will get more of a roll then you would during the hot, summer months.
  6. We know you won’t use them every time you play but consider bringing hand warmers or even ear warmers. If you don’t use them one day, leave them in your bag. You never know when you might need them, and you’ll be glad you had them.
  7. Ditch the cart and walk. It’s not new information that exercise can warm you up, plus you don’t have the scorching July/August sun to make you miserable.
  8. Focus on what you’ve been struggling with all season. We know it might not be fun to do, but dedicating time to parts of weaker parts of your game will strengthen them and get you ready for next year.

Let’s hope that the snow holds off until Thanksgiving and there’s plenty of golfing days ahead. Don’t forget to schedule your tee-time online at FargoGolf.net.