Osgood Public Golf Course

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Hole 2

TeesYardageParHandicap (mens / womens)

How to Play It:

There are multiple hazards and significant obstacles on this hole and players should be ready to bring out their best game. The tee shot played short should help you come up on the back side of a 100-120 yard gap of rough between the first and second fairway. The gap begins at about 260 yards off of the tees. A center rough cap mound is present on this first fairway 170 yards off of the tees. At the end of the first fairway, large mounding on the left will blind players of the second shot landing area and a massive bunker might kill a safe drive to the right. Pass the gap, water skirts the fairway on the left side and on the right are a few large humps. The water hazard runs the rest of the length of the hole and may foil any attempt to place a shot on the green from the left side of the first fairway. And from this line another large bunker sits next to the landing area in front of the green. The green which runs back to front is surrounded from behind by two more sand traps and deep mounds.