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Hole ABC

TeesYardageParHandicap (mens / womens)

How to Play It:

Originally designed as a tee fairway and green system that could be played like a game of horse, these three holes have morphed into an incredibly popular practice loop. Hole A can be played anywhere from 100 yards to 175 yards off of 4 tee boxes. The gentle rolling fairway leads into an uncomplicated green guarded on the rear right by a small bunker. Towering mounds overgrown with native grasses behind the green will test any shot hit long. Hole B consists of three tee boxes and gives the chance to drive from 75 yards to 155 yards away. This par 3 also begins to pose a greater challenge as more hazards are brought into play. A marshy pond runs parallel to the left side of the fairway for the length of the hole. Behind the green a large bunker system poses several threats. it gives players a chance to practice their shots out of the sand from varied distances and from behind obstacles. The green runs towards the sand traps so chip shots to the front side will turn into quickly rolling puts for par. Hole C gives players a chance to practice their long game. This par 4 can be played from 7 different tee boxes that range out to 477 yards. A 250 yard tee shot from the furthest tee using the first corner sand trap to aim will line up perfectly for a second shot directly at the green. The second shot landing area is a narrow corridor between roughs that juts into the fairway. The other tee boxes line the left side of the fairway and any shot played to the right will be safe. Two bunkers to the left side are drivable from these closer tee boxes and the larger of the two lies around 120 yards from the green. Gentle mounds and another large sand trap surround a quick rolling green with multiple breaks that will put your practice to the test.