Etiquette for Skiing

Whether you’re out walking on the course for a winter stroll or getting exercise by cross country skiing, here are a few quick etiquette rules and reminders that will keep you safe and keep the course in great condition.

  1. The best way to make sure you are following the rules and not damaging the turf at one of the golf courses is to ski only on groomed ski trails. Also, do not ski until there is solid snow cover and grass is not visible.
  2. If you do ski at one of the golf courses without groomed trails, stay at least 30 feet away from all greens and tees.
  3. Do not remove stakes and ropes to get to the greens and tees. They are there to protect them from foot traffic, skis and snowshoes. Greens, tees and fairways have been chemically treated to prevent winter diseases. Foot traffic on the grass can decrease the effectiveness and longevity of the chemicals.
  4. If a golf course uses green covers as winter protection, skiers please be mindful of the roped off areas. They are in place to protect the greens and tees, but also protect you from crossing a cover, a ski catching a snag and getting injured.
  5. Do not dig sand out of the old cup holes. Leaving the open all winter causes extreme dryness and damages the greens.
  6. Avoid skiing in slushy conditions; this can cause ice to form and damage the grass.
  7. If you are out for a walk, do not walk on groomed ski trails or allow pets to walk on the trails as well.
  8. Avoid using snowshoes on groomed classic ski trails. There are designated snowshoe trails or you can snowshoe on the edge of skating trails.
  9. Be courteous of other skiers and allow faster skiers to pass.
  10. If you need to stop at any point in time, please step off and away from the trails.

The Fargo Park District thanks you in advance for helping maintain our golf courses during the winter months by following these etiquette rules and reminders. We hope you all have a great winter season and hope to see you in the springtime for golf!