Fargo Golf Gets a Makeover with New Website

If you haven’t noticed, FargoGolf.net received a major makeover towards the end of 2017 and is now living in the 21st century.

The new site is still home to great course content we have always had, but there are a few added bonus features we think you will find extremely helpful when choosing where to golf.

The biggest feature is the golf course hole-by-hole tour for each golf course. You can easily navigate each course through pictures or videos with key hole information and little tips on how to play each hole. The second new feature is the Course Comparison. The feature allows you to view each course side by side and see what each course has to offer. Our goal with this specific tool is that new, or even returning golfers, will be able to determine what course is right for them without having to contact the Pro Shops for more information.

The new site is also home to the brand new online store. Before, if you remember, the online store was not very user friendly or visually appealing. Now, you can shop by golf course or pass type, making the search process much easier. A great little feature the store has is accounts. Users can now set up an account with the store so all past purchases are available, plus all information is now stored and doesn’t need to be re-entered.

While the makeover is very different when compared to the old site, we hope that these changes make your experience enjoyable and you as a golfer or a person just looking for information can find exactly what you need in only a click or two.