Quick Tips For Your First Round

Fingers crossed that the brutal Fargo winter is over and it is almost golf season! Here are five simple reminders to help with your first time back out on the course!

  1. Practice – Hit the driving range and putting greens before your tee-time.
  2. Focus on the Fundamentals – Focus on one to two key fundamentals such as: grip, stance, setup, backswing, impact, finish, etc.
  3. Don’t Fear the Sand – Line the ball up with your front heel, hit the sand underneath the ball and follow through.
  4. Track Stats – Keep track of where your ball landed and which clubs you struggled with.
  5. Breathe, it’s just the first round.

Whether your first round goes better or worse than expected, we hope these tips helped. Golf is sometimes a frustrating game, but we still enjoy it. We hope you have a great season and remember to have fun! Don’t forget to purchase your season golf pass online at FargoGolf.net!