Short Game Tips

One thing you constantly hear is how most of your golf game comes from your short game. We want you to become a better golfer, so here are some tips for when it comes to bump and run, chipping and pitching wedge shots.

Bump and Run Shots:

  1. Set the ball back in your stance with the shaft leaning forward, by doing so it will reduce the loft on your shot.
  2. Hinge your wrists during the backswing, continue through your downswing and finish.
  3. Pivot your chest toward the target as your arms swim through. Note: You will leave a divot in front of your golf ball.

Chip Shots:

  1. Use a light grip.
  2. Your control comes from your left arm. When you start your backswing allow your left hand and arm to guide your swing.
  3. Rotate your body forward in the swing. Tip: Swing the clubhead back, then kick your right knee toward your left knee. This will unlock your right side and get your body to rotate forward.

Pitch Shots:

  1. Take a slightly closed stance and close the face. The handle of your club should stay close to you during your backswing and turn toward your target during the downswing.
  2. Slide your club through the grass and hit soft, floating shots with your hands in line with or slightly behind the clubhead at impact. Don’t have your hands in front of the club head or you will de-loft the clubface.
  3. Keep your arms in a “V” formation throughout your golf swing.

We hope these tips help improve your golf game, but don’t forget to head to the practice green to test them out before heading out on the course!