Ten Etiquette Mistakes

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, there might be a few golf etiquette mistakes you’re making. We talked with a couple of the Fargo Park District Superintendents about what some of these mistakes are, along with some of their biggest pet peeves.

Here’s 10 golf etiquette mistakes you might be making or know someone who is:

  1. Starting your round of golf before the Pro Shop opens or not starting where the Pro Shop instructs you to begin.
  2. Driving carts closer than 30 feet from tees and greens, one exception to this rule is if the cart is parked on a cart path.
  3. Not being aware of cart instructions. If there are problem areas on the hole such as turf being replaced or excess water, the maintenance crew will place signs indicating where to drive.
  4. Forgetting to replace or fill divots, depending on course preference and make sure to not pull your cart across the tee box.
  5. Not fixing your ball mark on a green before moving to the next hole or walking your pull cart across the green.
  6. Driving to the next hole and forgetting to put the flag back in the hole after putting.
  7. When it comes to sand bunkers, the etiquette is simple – Make sure to rank your bunker shots and your foot paths. Place the rake either in or out of the bunker facing down depending on course preference.
  8. Refusing to let a group play through if you are playing slower than the pace of play.
  9. Trying to rush the group ahead of you by hitting into them with your shot, or not being aware of wind conditions that could carry the ball further than you thought.
  10. Lack of patience for fellow golfers and maintenance staff.

Victor Heitkamp, Osgood Golf Course Superintendent said “As a player, it is your responsibility to leave the golf course in as good of condition or even better condition than you found it so the players behind you have the same great experience that you just had.”

This is great concept that should be applied every time you pick up a club and go golfing. Thank you to all the golf staff members that work hard to make the courses the best they can be everyday!