What Happened This Year at Edgewood?

Another season at Edgewood Public Golf Course has come to an end. The golf season started later than expected due to North Dakota’s indecisive weather, but we were able to complete over 24,000 rounds of golf this season and four people were able to say they got a hole-in-one.

This year, our big project was the new practice area we constructed for the Memorial Golf Park dedicated to Judge Rodney Webb. This area will allow golfers to practice virtually every shot they will come across on the golf course. Our maintenance team has been working hard throughout the season- despite the rain and hot weather- to create this area that will open during the 2019 golf season.

Course maintenance this past year was very similar to other years. Our maintenance team was able to accomplish our regular aerifications throughout the year to improve the courses turf health. The team worked to continuously fine tune their maintenance practices to allow improvement of playing conditions on the course, while still allowing golfers to enjoy the course without disruptions.

Our superintendent Jason Spitzner stated, “We had an excellent crew that helped us have one of the best years we have been able to have, especially with avoiding any spring water issues.”

Thank you to our wonderful maintenance team for always looking for ways to further improve the course and make playing conditions even better. Our goal is to exceed course expectations for everyone who golfs here, and we can do so by our wonderful Pro Shop staff and course maintenance crew. Thank to you everyone who helped make this a great season and those who contributed to our over 24,000 rounds of golf!