What Happened This Year at Osgood?

Another season at Osgood Public Golf Course has come to an end. The golf season started later than expected due to snow in late April and decided to make any early appearance a few weeks ago in early October, but we can proudly say we had over 25,000 rounds of golf this season.

This past season, our maintenance team worked hard with a variety of projects that extended beyond the normal maintenance required. Not only did they maintain the course daily, but they also worked on the overall appearance of the course; such as adding split-rail fence on holes 3-5 to replace the previous rope and stake to create a more natural, cleaner look to the course. But, their work didn’t stop there! They also continuously filled divots on the driving range, tee-boxes and rotated tees to give golfers a more consistent hitting surface throughout the entire season.

Another project this season began on May 8 when our cart paths underwent construction. We replaced existing gravel paths with concrete paths. The project concluded on June 8. We wanted to ensure golfers that they would be able to use golf carts in areas that were previously not allowed in wet conditions and thanks to this project, golfers can do just that,

Our maintenance team also drove away the geese that have been honking in back-swings and disrupting play for the past three years. They did so by strategically placing coyote decoys throughout the course. We are proud to say that plan worked and we plan to continue it for upcoming seasons, along with adding fake swans for the 2019 season. Maintenance also took a more aggressive approach at controlling and managing thistle this past year and will continue with this aggressive approach moving into next season.

We want everyone who golfs at Osgood Public Golf Course to have an excellent experience. We work to continuously improve playing conditions and are always thinking of ways to do so. Thank you to our Pro Shop and maintenance staff for doing an excellent job. Also, thank you to everyone who helped make this a great season and those who contributed to our over 25,000 rounds of golf!