10 Great New Year’s Resolutions For Your Golf Game

New Year, new you. Here are 10 great New Year’s Resolutions to incorporate into the 2019 golf season.

  1. Minimize on-course cussing. We understand some shots make you frustrated, but spewing cuss words aren’t going to make you feel better or improve your game. Try taking some deep breaths instead.
  2. Dress the part. Leave the t-shirts, gym shorts and flip flops in the car. Look good, feel good right?
  3. Everyone always wants to get healthier and work out more in the New Year, so ditch the cart and walk. If you decide to golf 18 holes, try walking the first 9-holes and if you need to, take a cart on the back 9.
  4. Take a beginner under your wing, whether it’s your grandkid, your own kid or someone you don’t know. Show them the dos and don’ts of this great game. Chances are if you’re teaching someone about golf, you’ll be spending more time on the driving range which ultimately will benefit your game and you will get more practice as well.
  5. Create a get-away golf weekend with some friends or family, or simply just play a course you don’t play as often.
  6. No gimmes. We’ve all had those mandatory gimme shots that we assume will go in, but when we go to putt the ball has a different idea in mind. Your game will improve dramatically if you make a point to actually focus on drilling those two-footers.
  7. Take at least one lesson to improve your greatest weakness.
  8. Make the 2019 golf season the year you get your first hole-in-one. If you feel like aiming big, try to get a hole-in-one at all five of our courses. You can even head out to El Zagal and add getting a FootGolf hole-in-one to your list.
  9. Focus on lowering your score slowly throughout the season. You might not drop 10 strokes off between your first and second round of the year, but set a goal for yourself of an achievable golf score then set one a little less achievable. It will give you something to focus on throughout the season.
  10. Go golfing more.