10 Reasons to Get Fitted For New Golf Clubs

Here’s ten reasons why you should get fitted for new clubs:

  1. You’ll hit your irons straighter. By conducting a simple lie board test, the person fitting you can identify any directional issues you may have due to your irons and hybrids. Once you have a proper lie it will make it easier to hit the ball more accurately.
  2. Your distance control will improve. In addition to getting a proper lie angle, you’ll get your lofts checked as well. Lofts that are consistently gapped will make sure you hit each iron a consistent distance and that distances between clubs are consistent as well. For example: You can hit two different clubs the same distance due to your lofts being off. Once this is corrected you’ll have better club control.
  3. You will drive the ball longer and straighter by having a head and club shaft combination that best complements how you swing your driver.
  4. Your wedge game will improve. By getting your clubs fitted you can check the loft on your wedges as well and make sure the loft gaps are consistent. Fun Fact: Getting the bounce of your wedges fitted to your environment will improve your game. If you have more bounce, your club is better suited for courses with soft sand, while less is good is harder sand and firmer fairways.
  5. Ensuring the lie, length and loft of your putter matches your swing when it comes to putting your accuracy, distance control and feel will also improve.
  6. When your clubs fit you, you’re going to feel better when you use them. You won’t have to hesitate if you need to choke up or down on the club or remember to rotate your wrists every time you swing a club.
  7. There’s been an evolution of golf clubs, so there’s going to be an evolution of a golf swing. Having modern clubs that fit your current swing are going to benefit you.
  8. You’ll save money by buying what’s right for your swing and not the latest new clubs from the hottest company.
  9. You’ll learn something during the fitting. You’ll learn how club specifications influence ball flight and what adjustments in those specifications do to improve your game. You’ll determine what kind of clubs work best for you.
  10. The final and the most important reason to get fitted is that you will play better golf.

Call any of our Pro Shop’s to talk to our Golf Pro’s about setting up a time to get fitted for clubs or stop by when there are club demos going on at the driving range. We are happy to assist you in improving your golf game.