Golf Passes FAQ

As the season starts to come to an end, we want to remind you to save your golf card for the 2019 season. Instead of having a new card printed each season, we are now able to reactivate your old card. If you accidentally misplaced, lost or threw it away; no worries, we can re-issue you a new card when the 2019 golf passes go on sale next year.

To help you navigate how to reactivate your golf card for the 2019 season, we put together the following frequently asked questions.

Q: When can I purchase my golf pass for 2019?

A: Golf passes are available for purchase starting January 2, 2019 at Passes can also be purchased at the golf course of your choice when Pro Shops open for the season.

Q: When can I reactivate my golf card?

A: Golf cards are activated at the Pro Shop of your choice, once they have opened for the season. If you’ve purchased your golf pass online at, bring in your online receipt to the Pro Shop when you come in for your first round of the season to activate your card in the Pro Shop. If you choose to purchase your 2019 golf pass at one of the Pro Shops when they open in the spring, they will reactive your 2018 golf card at that time.

Q: How do I reactivate my 2018 golf card for the 2019 golf season?

A: There are two ways to reactive your card at the Pro Shop of your choice:

  1. If you’ve purchased your golf pass online at, bring in your online receipt and your 2018 golf card and a Pro Shop attendant will reactive it for you.
  2. Bring in your 2018 golf card and purchase your 2019 golf pass in the Pro Shop. After purchasing your 2019 golf pass, a Pro Shop attendant will reactive your card.

Q: If I want to change my golf pass membership do I have to get a new card printed? For example: Your 2018 Golf Course pass was for an “Adult Season Pass” and you want to upgrade to a “5 Fore 1 Season Pass.”

A: No, you can use the same card.

Q: Oh no! I already threw away my 2018 golf card. Is this going to be a problem when I want to golf?

A: If you have lost or thrown away your 2018 card, we can re-issue a new card for 2019 when you purchase and activate your 2019 pass at the Pro Shop.

Q: Do I have to bring both my wallet card and key chain tag to be reactivated?

A: No, you don’t need both to be reactivated. Once we reactivate either the wallet card or the key chain tag in our Pro Shop, both cards will be able to be used again for the 2019 season.

Q: I’m confused. What’s the difference between a pass and a card?

A: The card is the physical credit card sized and/or key ring scannable card that you show in the Pro Shop every time you golf during the season. The Pass refers to the type (Adult, Junior, Household, etc.) and location (Edgewood, Osgood, 5 Fore 1, etc.) of access you have purchased for the season.

Q: I still don’t get it. Where can I find more information?

A: If you have any additional questions, please call any of the Pro Shops for more information, the numbers are provided below:

  • Edgewood Public Golf Course (701-232-2824)
  • Rose Creek Public Golf Course (701-235-5100)
  • Osgood Public Golf Course (701-356-3070)
  • Prairiewood Public Golf Course (701-232-1445)
  • El Zagal Public Golf Course (701-232-8156)