How to Practice like a Pro

Wanting to play like the pros? Give our following tips a try!

Here’s how to practice like a Pro:

  1. Get behind your ball, set-up your grip, find a target and focus on that target. When you go to get into your stance, remember where your target is. Are you aiming for it?
  2. Double check that your club face and feet are aiming square at your target and don’t forget to practice your alignment frequently.
  3. If you’re right-handed, keep your left arm straight with the club and think of your arm as an extension of the club.
  4. Check your position when you’re in your backswing. Your arms are above your head but what are your hips doing? Are they rotated? If you can rotate your hips and shoulders effectively, your body weight will shift on its own.
  5. Look in front of the ball and swing away.
  6. Repeat the steps above to gain a more consistent swing.

Now the fun part begins, give these drills a try and you will be playing like a pro in no time.

  1. Use a 2×4 to test your balance, rhythm and spine angle. You will have to stand on the 2×4 and make sure you hit down and through, into the ball and allow your back foot to come off the board as you reach your finished position. You’ll come off the board due to bad rhythm or form but keep practicing this drill and you’ll conquer your swing.
  2. Place golf balls on the practice green at 10, 20 and 30 yards out. Your goal is to land your golf ball near each of the other balls using the same club and overall pitching motion. Once you consistently hit each of these targets, repeat the drill except this time go backwards in distance.