5 Reasons To Sign Your Kid Up For Youth Golf

Are you looking for something for you kids to do this summer or are you debating signing them up for golf? Here are five, great reasons as to why you should:

  1. As a parent, you want your kids to enjoy time outside, get exercise, make new friends and create memories. Your kid will be able to do all of this through golf. Not only is a great sport to learn, but it’s also a non-contact sport which means there’s a lesser chance of an injury.
  2. What about quality family time? You created memories with your parents and family growing up of all of you heading out to the golf course to spend some time with each other playing a round of golf. What better reason to sign your kid up and allow them to make the same cherished memories that you did?
  3. Golf is an excellent sport when it comes to teaching kid’s etiquette, values, self-improvement and how to handle competition in a healthy way. The pace of golf isn’t like basketball or football, so it allows your kids to take their time and enjoy the game as they play. It also teaches them to set goals for where they want to improve and compete against other kids their age in a healthy manor.
  4. We might be biased, but we believe golf is one of the few sports that has long-term benefits; at least in the business sense. When your kids grow up, go to college and step into the business industry, they’ll be able to participate in work meetings or business events that take place on the golf course.
  5. And the last reason to sign your kids up for golf… It’s fun!

So, what are you waiting for? Go sign up your kids today for junior golf! We offer junior leagues at Osgood, Rose Creek, Edgewood and Prairiewood Public Golf Course. Go to FargoGolf.net for more information or check out FargoParks.com for junior golf registration. There’s a few different options and we hope you find one that works best for you.