Pre-Season Golf Prep

It’s about two months until the golf season begins and we know you’re aching to get back out on the course. Here are nine quick and easy tips to get you prepped and ready for the upcoming season!

  1. Clean your golf clubs.
  2. If you need new grips then get them re-placed before the season begins, otherwise take a wet, soapy towel and wipe them down.
  3. Purchase new golf shoes if your other shoes are worn down. Tip: Get two pairs to rotate wearing to have your shoes last longer.
  4. If your golf shoes don’t need to be replaced, check the spikes to see if they need to be.
  5. Schedule a golf fitting to check your clubs lie and loft angles, especially if you’ve been practicing indoors all winter. Tip: If you haven’t played all winter, get your fitting done with your putter because your swing can be a little rusty from not playing.
  6. Strengthen your glutes with a little exercise. You get your balance and power through your glutes.
  7. Re-Stock your bag with sunblock, lip balm, mini first-aid kit, etc.
  8. Make sure you have an umbrella, ball retriever, bag cover, golf balls, tees, golf glove, etc.
  9. Get your 5-Fore-1 season pass or course pass online from

Pay attention to our golf blog for updates on course open dates. Don’t forget double-checking your golf bag before your first round of the new season. We can’t wait for the season to begin and see everyone back out!