Edgewood Golf Course Condition Update

As we continue to make strides on getting some holes open at Edgewood, the next phase for us is being able to walk around the golf course in somewhat of a normal manner. Holes 1- 4 are doing nicely, but holes 5-9 still need some heat and sunshine.

I took a back nine walk this week to see how we stand for holes 10-18. There are a few stages we need to pass thru. First, can we actually take normal paths we would take if we were playing? Check. Can we get from tees to fairways to greens? Check. Can we get to the majority of playable areas to get a golf ball after we hit it? Check. Can we get to those playable areas without tracking silt, or mud, or getting ourselves muddy? Not at the current time with the rain this week and more expected Friday. As soon as we get enough drying weather, we will be good to have the back-9 open.

We hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend, and remember, El Zagal, Osgood, Prairiewood, and Rose Creek are all open for play!

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