Family Night Games and Activities

Whether you’re playing Golf or FootGolf, there’s a lot you can do to add some extra fun to your family night. Check out our list of games you can incorporate into your round to make your family night even more fun!

  • Play a scramble! Break into two teams; you can do Parents vs. Kids or Boys vs. Girls, or whatever you want. When you start the round, each team will choose the best shot and hit from there and so on until you complete each hole. Make things interesting by saying whoever loses gets to do dishes for the week!
  • Pick a hole, the two people who have the best and worst score on that hole gets to decide what is for dinner one night that week!
  • At the end of your round, put everyone’s name into a hat or bowl and draw a winner. You can decide as a family what the reward is. Whether it’s a little more allowance that week, choosing what to eat or what activity to do next!
  • For FootGolf, pick a hole and everyone must kick the ball using their opposite foot! It’ll create a challenge for you, but you’ll also get some laughs. The person with the best score, can decide what’s for dinner or swap chores.

Look at our list below for more activity ideas!

Family night doesn’t have to end once your round is done at El Zagal! There are countless other activities you can do with your family put on by the Fargo Park District!

  • Try disc golf at Trollwood Park, located right by El Zagal!
  • Need to cool off after being in the sun? Head to the pool!
  • If you’re out on a Tuesday, check out Park in the Park! The location changes each week to a different park, so make sure to check for the current week’s location!

For more activity ideas, visit We hope we created some fun ideas for your next family night and everyone enjoys themselves