Coyote Decoys at Osgood Public Golf Course

Tired of geese swarming the golf course or one honking during your backswing? Don’t worry, we are too. That’s why we have strategically placed three coyote decoys around the pond edge of hole two. The coyote decoys are 3D and the tails move to make the geese think it is a real coyote or large dog. Currently, the geese are on the south side of the pond on hole two and our plan is to use the decoys to contain the geese in this area.

While the goslings have started to fly, they have not flown off the course yet. It is our hope that by next week they will start leaving the area to look for open fields to feed in. When this happens, we will be utilizing a total of six decoys around the entire course. We will place the decoys in highly visible areas and move them at least once throughout the day so the geese flying over don’t get use to them being in one spot. The idea is for the geese to think there are active predators in the area and will look for a different body of water to land in or near.

We are hoping the decoys solve our geese problem and make golfing here at Osgood Public Golf Course even more enjoyable. Thank you to our maintenance staff for researching and finding a solution to our abundant geese problem