Foot Golf Rules and Techniques

So you might be asking yourself, “What is FootGolf?” Well, we are here to tell you! It is a game played on a golf course, but with a soccer ball instead of a golf ball and you kick the ball into large holes rather than using a golf club to hit the ball into a small hole. However, the object of the game is exactly like golf- complete the game using the fewest shots possible.

Basic Rules:

  • Kick the soccer ball in a single movement.
  • Wait to play until the ball has come to a complete rest.
  • Whoever is the farthest from the hole goes first.
  • Play the ball where it lies, but if the balls go out of bounds (on the street), you place the ball two steps from where it crossed out of bounds and receive one stroke penalty.
  • There are also additional rules and guidelines found on the back of the El Zagal FootGolf scorecards.

Different Techniques:

  • Toe-Poking: Kicking with the big toe part of your shoes. Allows you to control speed, but accuracy then suffers.
  • Side-Footing: Avoid the top of your foot and kick with your arch or heel, so you don’t lose control and distance.
  • Rolling: Kicking the ball by rolling your foot overtop the ball. Fun Fact: The World FootGolf Association has outlawed this technique of kicking.

Now head over to El Zagal Public Golf Course with a group of friends or family members and play some FootGolf! Sign up for FootGolf Frenzy, El Zagal’s first FootGolf tournament. Click here to register or for more information visit the Fargo Parks website.