Osgood Cart Path Maintenance Complete

FARGO, ND- (June 8, 2018) Osgood Public Golf Course is excited to announce that all 12 holes are now available for play today, June 8.

Beginning May 8, cart paths underwent construction to replace existing gravel paths with concrete paths. This caused the course to close the 3-hole loop during construction so three holes could be worked on at a time, keeping 9 holes of play open at any given time.

Golf carts may now be used in areas previously not allowed during wet conditions. Paving the cart paths also allows walkers a much smoother path to walk.

Osgood Public Golf Course is located at 4400 Clubhouse Drive South. For the latest updates, follow the Osgood Golf Course on Facebook or visit
FargoGolf.net. For questions, call Osgood at 701-356-3070.