Osgood – The Four-Leaf Clover Course

One of the most frequent questions Lisa Schwinden and Victor Heitkamp field is when the Osgood Public Golf Course is going to add six more holes.

“Somebody even asked me if we ran out of money when we were building the rest of the holes,” said Schwinden, Osgood’s PGA Head Professional. “We’ve always been designed to be 12 holes.”

This 9 hole, par 33 golf course offers golfers rolling hills, native grasses and rough-faced bunkers that are offset by wide fairways and accessible greens.

Five tee box options gives experienced golfers a challenge from the black tees but allow intermediate players an enjoyable round from the red and white tees.

Developed in 2005 by Kevin Atkinson of Phelps Golf Design, Osgood was designed to be a 12-hole golf course.

The original idea was for Osgood to be more of a golfing grounds than a golf course.

Osgood is laid out like a four-leaf clover, and the original intent was for it to be a walking only golf course.

“The layout of this golf course makes it more like a social environment,” said Heitkamp, who has been Osgood’s superintended since 2004.

Atkinson said Osgood’s design was before its time. Within the last five years, golf courses like Pinehurst and Colorado Golf Club built courses with an unorthodox amount of holes. Osgood did that 15 years ago.

Osgood is a par-33 golf course and the 3-hole loop features two par threes and a par four. A golfer can quickly get a few swings in over their lunch break at the 3-hole loop for $6 and can play from any of the five tee boxes.

Schwinden has seen the 3-hole loop become popular more and more every season.

“It’s three of the best holes out here,” she added. “It’s a great place to learn. We do lots of lessons out there with groups and private lessons and a great opportunity to take what you’ve learned at the driving range and practice facilities and use it on the golf course without having to be paired up.”

Heitkamp agreed and said the 3-hole loop is busy all the time with golfers ranging from different skill sets.

“I think the 3-hole loop adds to the opportunity for us just to brand as the practice facility,” said Heitkamp. “And really say hey Osgood has one of the best practice facilities in the area because not only do they have a huge range, a really nice putting green, we have a nice chipping green with fairway all the way around it with a practice bunker but they have three additional holes that you can go and work on specific aspects of your game.”

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