How to Use your Off-Season Wisely: Tips for Staying in Golf Shape All Winter Long

Golfing in the Winter

How to Use your Off-Season Wisely: Tips for Staying in Golf Shape All Winter Long

Wintry winds might be howling across the fairways and greens are covered for the winter, but that doesn’t mean your clubs need to collect dust. If you are serious about improving your golf game or are just missing the sport and itching to get your clubs back in hand, winter months can be a productive time to get an edge on your game and get into better golf shape for course openings come spring. Below are our top five ideas for staying in tip-top golf shape even during a Midwest winter.

1. Join a gym or find an at-home fitness program. While spring, summer and fall are usually devoted to developing the fundamentals of your game, the inability to be out on the course in the winter is a good time to focus on your conditioning. Being intentional about an off-season training plan can make a huge difference – even without hitting a single golf ball. Working on balance, endurance, flexibility, power and strength can protect you from injury and increase flexibility, both of which are imperative to a strong golf swing. It might even be useful to find a personal trainer who can write you a golf specific plan!

2. Invest in a weighted club or swing trainer to train muscle memory. Even a little work with one every day or a few days a week can help groove a strong swing that can be repeated on the course. Swinging a weighted club naturally stretches your shoulders and hips, which will allow them to turn more easily in the backswing and increase power.

3. Do an equipment check. If your body is being fine-tuned, it is important to do the same for your clubs and equipment. Although we love a good shopping trip, checking your equipment does not mean you have to purchase anything. The off-season is a perfect time to care for the equipment you have. Check to see if it’s time to change the grips on your clubs. Make sure to clean and store your clubs properly. Double check that your headcovers, towels and other equipment are washed and ready to go for the spring.

4. Spend some time at a golf simulator. There’s still no substitute for really swinging your clubs. Simulators and indoor golf facilities have popped up all over the community in the last few years. Many facilities even have membership options and leagues. Don’t forget to practice your putt and short game too!

5. Study the game. Finally, the off-season can be an excellent time to strengthen what some call your 15th club  – the space between your ears. During the winter, study up on the game of golf by picking up a good book or reading online articles. Even the books that focus on the non-mechanical aspects of golf will teach you a lot about how the best players think and play.

Tiger Woods had an incredible recovery into the game after back surgery – and much of what he did to get there involved being away from competition. Even though Fargo winters take us away from the course and the game we love, try to see it as an opportunity to renew your enthusiasm for the spring and you’ll be back on the course before you know it.

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