Edgewood Public Golf Course Conditions Update

As we wrap up the second week of May, the weather still is the word of the day, and that word is “gross”. Mother Nature must be storing up some good vibes ahead! On a more positive note, Rose Creek, Prairiewood, Osgood, and El Zagal courses are all open. The driving ranges at Osgood, Rose Creek, and Edgewood are open as well. At Edgewood, our maintenance staff continues to clean and wash as much as they possibly can each day. We have reached the point where the water sat for over 40 days that we will have to let it dry, break up the silt, and see how the turf comes out. All 18 greens are out of the water finally and are doing well. In fact, some of the greens that were under the longest have grown tremendously, so the challenge to get mowers to them is the next step. The turf grades are in multiple stages, some are fully grown, need to dry still under some silt and are soaking wet. Our next step is to continue to clean and wash what we can to get the course dried out. Once the golf course dries out, we will evaluate where we can get some holes open as quickly as possible.

Keep checking back for updates on the courses and do not forget to book your tee times here!

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