Rose Creek has 18 holes open!

Even with all of the flood waters Rose Creek Public Golf Course was able to open up a modified 18 holes last week. A special thanks to our superintendent, Eric Hanson and staff for all of the hard work.

Despite the cold temperatures over the weekend, the course is in full swing and golfers are loving it. Holes 10-13 are the main shift in the course. Hole 12 is normally a par 5, but with the amount of water still on the course we are currently playing it as a par 3. We have made hole 13 into a “flood green” (featured photo). The course is at a 69 par with the shortening of hole 12, the regular par is 71.

We hope the river levels continue to decrease and we will have a our regular 18 holes soon!

Keep checking back for updates on the courses and don’t forget to book your tee time here.

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